We're all about giving back to the community and supporting one another.

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The “I Believe by Nadia Movement” is always active in the community no matter the age. We throw annual events for the youth at the beginning/end of the school year to keep them encouraged to stay in school or keep busy during the summer break. We also help our seniors in the community.

Most importantly we love to help families that are in need. We currently have a program called “I Believe care packages.” This program is designed for kids who are less fortunate. In these care packages there will be personal items that promotes good hygiene. Our goals are to help prevent bullying in schools towards the less fortunate kids. To have those items will help build confidence and make them feel more comfortable while learning.



Youth Empowerment Event 2017

Upcoming Events

Care Packages
Location is TBD
I Believe By Nadia Care Packages- DONATIONS ARE NEEDED
Kid's Field Trip to The African American Museum
Charles H. Wright Museum of African Amer

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