A born miracle and marked as the special one since being conceived, Nadia was born and raised in Detroit, MI where she grew up in the lower class with humble beginnings. She was the middle child of 5 kids. She was a pushover growing up, but remained humble, sweet and shy. Later on, to find confidence and find her voice she took on every opportunity with Performing Arts and Sports in jr high school. Dealing with family dysfunctions...Music, Dance, Acting and Writing helped her cope with life and became her passion.


She is well known for her multitalented, happy, motivating and positive personality. After being diagnosed with PCOS, one of the side effects was depression. She went through severe depression which assisted with unstable relationships with family and friends. She soon became interested in soul searching, positive thinking and growing closer to God to find a way to cope with life altering events that haunted her from her past. Soon she decided to turn her inner pain into positive . She became fascinated quotes with encouraged daily change and growth and from there she never turned back.


She decided to help push others, giving advice and sharing her stories more and more. Soon she started "I Believe By Nadia", an empowerment movement. This movement catered to all ages by encouraging anyone who have lost hope like she once did to start believing again. Her movement influenced her to finish writing her 1st book "Miracles During Imperfections." Her purpose is to help change lives on a daily in living a positive lifestyle. But she soon wants to tell impactful stories through books and screens, but it first had to begin with her own story.​